Services & Consulting

Service & Consulting

Moves, Adds or Changes (MAC)

Moves: Is your office planning a move? We can arrange for your phone lines and internet to be moved as well as the relocation of your phone system. We will co-ordinate the entire process, ensuring a successful & stress free move.

Adds: Are you expanding or adding more employees? We can expand your existing system and program new users.

Changes: Is your staff directory or automated-attendant out of date? Is it time to change voicemail greetings or passwords? Contact us to schedule a tech to make these changes or train your staff on how to do them internally.

Consulting Service

Are you confused by the technical jargon for the new Communication systems available in the market? We will work with you to determine the best fit for your company. We have independent consultants to give you an objective telecom audit of your existing services and hardware.

Is your current system out of date, or obsolete? Sceptre Communications will provide you with an upgrade solution from our selection of products. We will arrange to visit with you, determine your needs and design an affordable “Smart Business Solution” for you. We will even take care of removing your old telephone system. In some cases you may be able to use your existing phones on the new system!

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