Vision / Mission / Culture

Increase profitability
and give your business
a powerful competitive edge.

Welcome to Sceptre Communications, where smart business solutions come to life through innovative voice & data technology! With the guidance of Sceptre Communications, your business will learn how to leverage telecommunications technology in ways that will increase profitability and give your business a powerful competitive edge.

Our number one priority is to help you discover and achieve your businesses communication needs. We then take a holistic approach to analyzing your telecommunication systems and match solutions and strategies that will enhance your businesses efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Vision

To guide businesses through the ever changing world of telecommunications, simplifying the complex.

 We commit to continually improving our business processes & educating ourselves on new technologies that are relevant to our clients.

Putting a focus on the strength of our partnerships with our clients, vendors & staff, empowers us to be profitable & achieve

Our Misson

Connecting the lives of professionals through innovative communication technology.

Our Values

Our mission is to provide communication & networking products & services to businesses through a holistic approach.

We drive our business by committing to continually improve business processes & educating our selves on new technologies that are relevant to our clients.

The partnership that Sceptre has with our clients, vendors & employees empowers us to be profitable & achieve growth.

Why Choose Sceptre?

Sceptre Communications is a locally owned company. We have been working in the Calgary & Alberta area since 1998 and have served over 400 companies Canada wide.

Our biggest pride is our commitment to excellent customer service. Sceptre aims to provide the best possible experience for our clients through live onsite demos, answering calls with a live voice, and live training for new system installations. Our team knows every one of our customers by name and we strive to never miss a call. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients, asking for feedback, keeping in touch, and letting them know we care.

Our sales team has outstanding technical knowledge and capability. We focus on educating clients on the telecom industry rather than selling the telecom industry. Together we perform a detailed analysis that develops a customized telecom and networking business solution.

Our solution focused technicians are manufacturer certified and have outstanding technical expertise. They’re friendly, helpful, and always go the extra mile. By working closely with our sales team, projects are completed quickly & accurately.

Technology is ever changing and keeping up can be challenging. We make it a priority to keep up with the pulse of technology, always continuing our education and passing our knowledge to our clients.

Our Guarantee

We will provide a detailed analysis that develops an individualized client telecom and networking business solution.

Your installation is not considered complete until you sign off on satisfaction.

We guarantee all our work is tested, double checked, clean & organized before we leave your site.

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