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At Sceptre Communications, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide leading edge communication systems, service, products and solutions at competitive prices.

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Let us customize a solution to fit your business needs. We offer multiple platforms to maximize efficiency. Cloud, on-premise and mobile solutions.

Telecom Analysis

We offer a complimentary analysis to give you a better understanding of what your current system provides & how much it costs. We’ll save you money!

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Phones out of service? Need to make a change? Have a question? We offer 24/7 support, on-site and remote. We are here to help.

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Our talented & experienced team delivers amazing results. We have a can-do attitude and we deliver creative solutions on time and on budget. Get to know the people who make our systems & solutions work for you.

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We are committed to offering the following range of products and services to all our customers;

What we do

Quality and Perfomance

Whatever your telephone system requirements may be we have the expertise necessary to guarantee customer satisfaction.
Regardless of your application or requirements, we would appreciate the opportunity to design a solution to meet your specific needs and back it up with our ongoing commitment to outstanding service.



We help clients save time by conducting research into trends.



We can highlight areas where cost savings can be made



By learnings and better practice we help its clients mitigate.


Provide In-Context

Provide advice relevant to marketplace and tailored to your needs.

We pride ourselves on providing great service and support.
Since 1981.
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• Pick up the receiver, dial 9 & then the number
• Press Speaker, dial 9 & then the number

• Pick up the receiver & dial the extension
• Press Speaker & dial the extension

• Pick up the receiver
• Press speaker to answer a call using the speakerphone
• Press the line appearance button next to the call that is ringing in to answer a call using the speakerphone

• With caller on the line, press Transfer (which is on the telephone display)
• Enter the extension number of the person you want to transfer the call to**You then have several options:
– Announce the caller, then press “complete” in the call display or if you do not see “complete” in the call display, press Transfer again.
– Do not announce the caller, just press “complete” in the call display or if you do not see “complete” in the call display, press Transfer again.

• Press the “Redial” button or press “History” or “Log” to view & dial the last outgoing or incoming calls.

To initiate a conference call you will need to do the following:
• Dial the first number (if appropriate, enter the outside line prefix, ie 9), wait for an answer OR answer the incoming call
• Press the “Conference” button (this will place the first call on hold automatically and open another line) OR press the hold button to get a second line
• Dial the second number (if appropriate, enter the outside line prefix, ie 9), wait for answer
• Press “Conference” button

To make a voice announcement to all employees you will use the “Page ” feature. Your announcement will come through the speakers of all telephones without making those phones ring (the announcement will also come across overhead speakers if these have been installed). If you are on the telephone, the announcement will not come through your phone. To use the page feature you will need to do the following:
• Press the “Page” button
• Begin speaking using the speakerphone or pick up the receiver (receiver reception is much better)
• Hang up when finished speaking

Call Forward is used to forward calls to another phone/person. To use this feature you will need to do the following:
• Press the “Call Forward” or “CFWD All” button
• Enter the extension number or phone number where your calls will be forwarded to (if entering an outside phone number, be sure to enter the outside line prefix, ie 9)
• The display will say forwarded. To cancel call forwarding, press the “Call Forward” button again

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